• Tööpõhimõte kruvi konveier

    Tööpõhimõte kruvi konveier

    With the rapid development of economy, the requirements of modern market for transportation equipment are higher and higher. How to stand out among numerous transportation equipment has become the future development direction of transportation equipment. The screw convey...
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  • Klassifitseerimine tigukonveier-

    Klassifitseerimine tigukonveier-

    (1) vertical screw conveyor The rotating speed of the screw of the vertical screw conveyor is higher than that of the ordinary screw conveyor. Under the action of centrifugal force, friction is generated between the material and the enclosure. This friction prevents the ...
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  • Omadused ja kohaldamise võlli-vähem tigukonveier-

    Omadused ja kohaldamise võlli-vähem tigukonveier-

    As a new type of transport machine emerging in recent years, the shaft-less screw conveyor adopts the design of shaft-less, with unique structure. It is mainly composed of motor, reducer, mechanical seal, flexible shaft-less screw, u-shaped groove and protective bushing,...
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