What are the main products of our factory?

1. Cold rolling spiral blade

2. Equal thickness single helical blade

3. Without shaft helical blades

4. Mold making spiral blade with small bore.

All products can be custom-made

what is the size of our products?

We can manufacture continuous spiral blade with outer diameter of 40-800 mm, inner diameter of 8-400 mm and thickness of 2-30 mm. The blade material is carbon steel, manganese steel and stainless steel. Rotation direction can be left and right, the length of various specifications of spiral blade and auger shaft. This product can be widely used in agricultural harvesting machinery, grain processing machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, chemical machinery, sludge treatment equipment, mining machinery, drilling machinery powder, granular, massive material transport.

Production can be customized according to the customer drawing and sample: the inner diameter is greater than or equal to 8mm, the outer diameter is less than or equal to 800mm, the thickness is 3mm-20mm, any length, any screw pitch.Rotating direction of left and right can be different specifications of the blade

According to blade specifications, there are three manufacturing processes:

1. Continuous cold rolling type, which is applicable to thickness of 3-5mm and inner diameter of more than 20mm and outer diameter of less than 800mm.

2. Continuous winding type, applicable to thickness of 3-20mm, internal diameter of 8mm or more, and external diameter of 200mm or less.

3. Stamping extension type, applicable to all models, but special mould shall be made.

What is our capacity?

Normally, our factory can produce 500 tons every month.

What kind of production equipment does our factory have?

Our factory has blade cold rolling mill, continuous stainless steel cold rolling mill, equal thickness single-chip molding machine, manufacturing continuous cold rolling mill equipment production line.

What are the complete machines produced by our factory?

Our factory can produce all the equipment of winder, mixer and so on.

Does our factory only produce fixed models and specification products?

Our factory can produce all the products related to our industry, and accept the customized screw blade and the equipment with screw blade.


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