Classification of screw conveyor

(1) vertical screw conveyor

The rotating speed of the screw of the vertical screw conveyor is higher than that of the ordinary screw conveyor. Under the action of centrifugal force, friction is generated between the material and the enclosure. This friction prevents the material from rotating together with the spiral blade and overcomes the gravity of the material falling down, thus realizing vertical conveying of the material.This machine conveyance quantity is small, conveyance height is small, rotating speed is high, energy consumption is big.It is especially suitable for conveying powdery and granular materials with good fluidity, which is mainly used for lifting materials. The lifting height is generally no more than 8 meters.


(2) horizontal screw conveyor

When material into fixed in slot machine, due to the gravity of the material and its effect and the friction between the slot machine, material piling up at the bottom in machine does not rotate with the helix, and only in a rotating helical vane driven to move forward, like not rotating nut along the rotation of the screw for translational motion, to achieve the purpose of conveying material.The machine is convenient for multi-point loading and unloading, and can be mixed, stirred or cooled simultaneously during conveying. Sensitive to overload, easy to plug; The material has crushing loss, the structure of horizontal screw conveyor is simple, easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot.

Suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined continuous uniform conveying loose material, the working environment temperature is -20~40℃, the temperature for conveying material - 20~80℃.Its rotating speed is relatively low compared with the vertical conveyor, mainly used for horizontal or small inclination transfer for materials, the transport distance is generally not greater than 70 meters.

(3) screw pipe (roller conveyor) conveyor

The spiral tube conveyor is a continuous spiral blade welded inside the cylindrical shell, the cylindrical shell rotates with the spiral blade together. Due to the centrifugal force and friction, the added material rotates with the housing and is lifted, the material under the action of gravity and slide along the spiral surface, make the material with spiral pipe rotation so as to realize the material to move forward, like not rotating along the rotation of screw nut for translational motion, to achieve the purpose of conveying material.


Low energy consumption and low maintenance cost; When feeding at the end, it can adapt to the requirements of uneven feeding, and can complete various technological requirements such as conveying, stirring and mixing at the same time.It is convenient to load and unload multi-point, and can convey materials with higher temperature. Suitable for horizontal conveying of high temperature materials; It has a good adaptability to materials with high temperature, uneven material supply, anti-crushing and anti-pollution requirements, as well as the process requiring multi-point loading and unloading. Practice has proved that it is effective in transporting cement clinker, dry limestone, phosphate ore, ilmenite powder, coal and slag.

The particle size of the material added at the end inlet shall not be greater than 1/4 diameter of screw. The particle size of materials from the intermediate feed inlet shall not be greater than 30mm. In order to ensure the cylinder does not produce deformation, charging temperature must be controlled under 300 ℃. The abrasion of blade and trough is very serious when conveying raw materials.


(4) flexible screw conveyor

The screw mandrel of this machine is flexible, so the conveying line can be arranged according to the space curve. According to the length proportion of horizontal and vertical (large dip) sections in the layout line, its working principle is designed according to ordinary screw conveyor or vertical screw conveyor.

For the transmission line needs to be arbitrarily arranged according to the space curve to avoid the situation of material transfer; When too much material or hard material is put into the machine shell, the spiral will float freely without blocking.The noise is small.It is mainly used for horizontal and vertical conveying of materials at the same time. The speed of rotation is generally required to be higher than 1000r/min in vertical transmission.

Post time: Aug-15-2018
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