Working principle of screw conveyor

With the rapid development of economy, the requirements of modern market for transportation equipment are higher and higher. How to stand out among numerous transportation equipment has become the future development direction of transportation equipment. The screw conveyor combines the modern intelligent, controllable and automatic compatibility technology, making the screw conveyor more efficient and become the object of hot pursuit of conveying enterprises.


Definition of screw conveyor

The screw conveyor, commonly known as the winch, use rotating blades to transport material along the screw conveyor. The force that the material does not rotate with the blade of the screw conveyor is the material weight and the friction resistance of the screw conveyor housing to the material. Helical blades welded on rotary shaft of screw conveyor have solid surface, belt type surface and blade surface type according to different conveying materials. The screw shaft of the screw conveyor has thrust bearing at the end of the direction of material movement to provide axial counterforce to the screw with the material. When the captain is longer, the middle hanging bearing should be added. It is a conveyance equipment widely used in mineral, feed, grain and oil, construction industry. It is made of steel and used for conveying chemical and building materials such as powder or solid particles with higher temperature.


Working principle of screw conveyor

The working principles of screw conveyor in conveying materials are basically divided into three categories: one kind is pushing, one kind is centrifugal induction, and another kind is gravity sliding;

(1) pushing.

This kind of method generally use spiral blade for conveying materials, which is often used for unloading transportation at the bottom of the storehouse. Spirals tube are often full of materials, and the static pressure of granular materials is relatively high. The gravity of each granule is far less than other forces (screw thrust, friction, static pressure). The resistance of such a spiral is very great, and it has to overcome the friction formed under high pressure. The material seems to be a nut at work, and the screw blade like a screw. As long as the nut does not rotate (or rotate slowly), the nut can be moved along the axial direction by the rotation of the screw. The unloading screw at the bottom of the machine is often used with variable pitch, which is larger at the outlet end.

(2) centrifugal induction

Centrifugal machine is used for vertical spiral conveyors with steep inclination, or any spiral conveyors with high rotating speed. The working characteristic is that the material filling amount is between them. Under the high rotating speed of screw, loose materials are greatly affected by centrifugal force, far specific gravity force and other external forces.

(3) gravity sliding

The rotating speed of the screw is relatively low, and the material on the screw surface is greatly affected by the gravity than the centrifugal force. As the rotating material of the screw keeps sliding along the screw, axial displacement is generated. CX screw machine basically belongs to this principle. The filling coefficient of this kind of screw machine is usually less than 0.5. Because of too much filling, the material does not slide down along the helix surface, but is stirred by the helix to make it fall over the helix axis, and cannot obtain large axial velocity. Since the material of the slow helix is greatly affected by the gravity, obviously it can not be used for vertical helical or upward transportation with large inclination.

The sliding method principle, although the value is small, low conveying capacity, but the material is in the free rolling state of easy dispersing, is less subject to extrusion, suitable for easy caking, grinding large material. When using standard screw, can not only keep the faster speed sliding down, and have certain ability to adapt to tilt conveyor (general within angle 20 ° ).


Maintenance of screw conveyor

As the structure of screw conveyor is composed of screw shell part, driving part and supporting part, the maintenance and maintenance of screw conveyor shall be divided into parts. Screw conveyor part of the shell part maintenance, because the shell is generally not damaged, if there are materials are acid-alkali corrosive materials should be careful to clean the conveyor shell when stopping. The driving part of the screw conveyor is mainly composed of two major parts of each motor of the reducer. For the type requiring oil injection, it must be replaced strictly and regularly, which is equivalent to the heart part of the conveying equipment. Therefore, the oil must be replaced regularly in a timely manner.

Post time: Aug-15-2018
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